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Go Prepaid
Fitness Plan

Lowest Rate $2 No Hidden Fee.png

Using your E-Wallet amount to enjoy as low as $2.00 per entry (90mins)

And this amount will be deductible every single of your training.

There is no registration fee, you prepaid, you use it with cheapest rate! 


Terms and Conditions

Each prepaid plan requires a minimum expenditure before its expiration; otherwise, the unspent amount necessary to meet this requirement will be forfeited


Minimum spend below:


  • Prepaid 30 - spend at least $30 before membership expired (1 month)

  • Prepaid 90 - spend at least $90 before membership expired (3 months)

  • Prepaid 180 - spend at least $180 before membership expired (6 months)

  • Prepaid 360 - spend at least $360 before membership expired (12 months)

How to join ?

Go Prepaid Membership

1. Go to member page and select prepaid


2. Select the prepaid plan you prefered


3. Top up the amount to match your plan


4. Subscribe the plan,
now you are using prepaid amount for your fitness with us!


1. Will the Prepaid plan I subscribed to be deducted from e-wallet ?

No, the prepaid plan is just for verification purposes to determine whether you qualify for the plan based on the amount in your e-wallet. Your e-wallet will only be charged based on your training usage.

For e.g. 

You top up amount $30 and subscribe PREPAID_30, your e-wallet amount still remain $30 until your next training charge $4 , then your e-wallet amount balance is $26.

 2. What if I finished my e-wallet amount ?

You can still top up to enjoy the rate until it expired.

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