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The 24/7 Premium GYM in Singapore


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  • First 1.5 hours(90mins) only
  • Next 1.5 hours additional $1 for 30 mins
  • Thereafter is $2 for 30 mins


  • Each Entry 2 hours is free
  • Next 1.5 hours is $1 for 30 mins
  • Thereafter is $2 for 30 mins

Why Go Fitness

corner view.jpeg

Essential Gym Equipment for perfect workout

The Versatility and Quality of equipment to meet your objectives, Go Fitness designed for user to enjoy the high quality gym equipment which imported by Rogue Fitness, True Fitness and more

weight lifting

No Commitment, Pay as you go

No registration fee. Go Fitness is offering as low as SGD5 dollar per entry. It's to target full range of people to have enjoy the high quality of gym experience

24 hours gym

24/7 accessibility

Go Fitness offers 24/7 accessibility to bring you fitness anytime.

concept 2 bikeerg cycling

High performance
of training

To giving heavy range of weightlifting, LIIS/HIIT cardio equipments to unleash the max of your performance.

Squat and safe weight training

Safety First

Every single equipment come with safety equipment, you don't need to worry while lifting your PR!

Fitness Promo photo shoot with Kolby Rae Fit!_Camera_ Canon 1dx mark ii__Instagram_ _Kolby

Go Fitness

Go Fitness delivery to user who can enjoy the high quality equipment without any long term commitment. And user can enjoy the flexibility training time via just using the mobile apps

up to 45kg

more tha

up to 200kg

as low as 


barbell loaded

Weight Stacked machine

Per Entry

Go Fitness How to 1
Go Fitness How to 2
Go Fitness How to 3
Go Fitness How to 4

How to start

Go Fitness apps on App store
Go Fitnesss Apps on play store
1. Login the apps while using mobile number or email address 
2. Top up your e-wallet via paynow, grab, and etc
3. Stand in front of check in point Press the center button to get ready to check in
4. Enjoy your workout! 
Go Fitness How to 5
5. Once Finished, go to check out point and proceed to check out via mobile.

Brands we carrying

Rogue Fitness
True Fitness

Entry Rate

Every single session is 90 minutes(Non Member) or 2 hours(Member). If the session times up, it will cost $1.00 per 30 minutes to continue the session up to 1.5 hours, after that, it will be $2.00 per 30 minutes. We are strongly encouraging the training time should stick within 1.5-2 hours only to make the workout more efficient.

For example non member rate: 

Person A: 8am - 9:20am => $8(1 hour 2 mins)

Person B: 8am - 9:55am => $9 Dollar(1 hour 55 mins)

Person C: 8am - 10:55am => $11 Dollar(2 hours 55mins)

Person D: 8am - 11:55am => $13 Dollar(3 hours 55mins)

The rate schema is providing the people who love to have quality gym with affordable price. 




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please  fill out the following form

Contact Us

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42 Chai Chee Street #01-48

Singapore 461042

Tel: 65-84992683

Freelance Personal Trainer 

To apply for free lance personal trainer, please kindly send us cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Join Us Today!

Go Fitness - Apps on App store
Go Fitness - Apps on Play store


  1. Where is this GYM located? 
    It is located at 42 Chai Chee Street #01-48 Singapore 461042​​

  2. Can I enjoy the gym without any signing membership
    Yes, It is pay as you train. No commitment and interruption while doing gym.

  3. How to delete my Go Fitness Account
    You may follow this       to delete your account. 

  4. When is the gym opening date?
    It will be mid of July.

  5. How to get to the gym?
    You may need to download the apps from        , get ready to check in via scan the qr code from the front gate.


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